How Shipping Containers Took The World by Storm

How Shipping Containers Took The World By Storm

Have you ever wondered about the history and background story of shipping containers? Since they were created there has been a huge transformation in the way goods are sold and distributed around the world. They have truly revolutionized global trade, the world is a different place since their advent. They have helped make global trade far more efficient, they pass through international waters and enter different countries at every moment of every day.

Prior to the existence of shipping containers, goods were directly loaded onto the ships and it was known as break-bulk shipping. They were exposed to harsh conditions and as a result, lead to much larger losses for businesses as they could count on losing some goods. Each ship would store about 200,000 cargo pieces per trip. The trips would take weeks or months, which meant long waiting periods and things like foods would have large quantities go rotten. Additionally, loading and offloading it would take days or even weeks, as everything had to be offloaded individually. This also made shipping more expensive overall as labor costs just continued to rise. These costs were, of course, passed on to suppliers, making goods more expensive for everyone!

Immediate Differences

Post the existence of storage containers, the demand increased, especially when the Vietnam war really got going. The war required the transportation of at least 1200 storage containers every month. Malcolm McLean who was an American entrepreneur created the shipping container in 1956. The first container ship was called “Ideal X” and the first ship trip managed to carry about 60 shipping containers to Houston from New York. This was a monumental moment, shipping containers offer so much more protection than nothing. International shipping was forever changed from this moment on.

These original storage containers, of course, changed with time to what we have now use in modern times. They just kept becoming more popular, even to this day their usage just continues to increase. In 1980, about 50 million containers were in regular use. In 2012 alone, continents such as North America, Europe and Asia use roughly 600 million containers. This growth is more than McLean could have ever imagined. These containers aren’t just great for keeping goods out of the elements, they’re also great for an added layer of security. They have double door locks that would be extremely difficult to get through for anyone.

More Containers, More Savings

Shipping containers have reduced the cost of loading cargo on to the ship to about 16 cents for every ton. Arguably even more importantly, it exponentially reduced the amount of time needed to load cargo. Now, instead of hundreds, tens of thousands of tons an hour can be loaded. This greatly cut down on labor costs, and the savings passed on to all parties involved. These days, it’s hard for us to imagine moving our goods all over the world WITHOUT shipping containers. Nowadays, 90% of the goods transported via water are done with the aid of storage containers. It is worth noting that about 675 shipping containers are lost at sea per year. This is just because of shipwrecks and other accidents. After containers serve out their effective lifespan on the seas, they’re often reported for a number of on land uses. From homes to mobile storage units, they have a variety of uses.

The largest cargo ships can carry more than 19000 containers inside it and the standard one can fit in the contents of approximately a 3-4 bedroom home. The biggest exporter of cargo is China. It was the highest exporter in the year 2010. Now the average number of containers traveling across the ocean is more than 1 billion at any given time.


Standard Shipping Container Sizes, Max Weights & More

All the Sizes and Configurations That Custom Storage Containers Come In

20 Foot Standard ContainerDo you have a lot of cargo to transport? You might be wondering, what size do I need my custom containers? What kind of max carry weight do I need? Are their even different types of storage containers? It is good to be aware of what all is out there so you can make the BEST choice for your own needs. The weight and dimensions will often affect the type of things that can be stored in it. At Carolina Containers, our goal is to meet your storage needs as adequately as we can. Our storage containers come in three main size variations, namely 10’, 20’ and 40’. However, each variation comes with certain container configurations. Below is a brief outlook on our most popular containers. You can go to both our rent and buy pages and check out the specs of all of our containers. Feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, or thoughts!

  • 10-foot mini custom containers: The exterior dimensions of the container is 10 by 8 by 8.5 feet. Its tare weight is about 2,866.01 lbs and it can load contents weighing up to 19,532.97 lbs.  It also has a volume of 1,172.55 cubic feet. Its interior dimensions are 9.25 by 7.66 by 7.85 feet. The end door of the container is 7.67 by 7.42 feet.
  • 10-foot high containers: The exterior dimensions of the container is 10 by 8 by 9.5 feet. These containers tare weight is 3,262.84 lbs. and can load contents weighing up to 22,046.24 lbs. These containers have a volume of 1,172.55 cubic feet. Its interior dimensions are 9.25 by 7.66 by 8.87 feet. The end door of the container is 7.67 by 8.40 feet. They do not have a rooftop or side door.
  • 20-foot standard containers: The exterior dimensions of the container is 20 by 8 by 8.5 feet. These containers tare weight is about 4,949.38 lbs and can load contents weighing up to 62,247.57 lbs. These containers have a volume of 1,172.55 cubic feet. Its interior dimensions are 19.25 by 7.66 by 7.85 feet. They do not have a rooftop or side door. These are the most common containers by far, frequently what you’ll find moving goods on ships.
  • 20-foot high containers: The exterior dimensions of the container is 20 by 8 by 9.5 feet. These containers tare weight is about 5,335.19 lbs and can load contents weighing up to 61,861.76 lbs. These containers have a volume of 1,172.55 cubic feet. Its interior dimensions are 19.25 by 7.66 by 8.85 feet. The end door of the container is 7.67 by 8.50 feet. They do not have a rooftop or side door.
  • 20-foot double-door containers: The exterior dimensions of the container is 20 by 8 by 8.5 feet. These containers tare weight is about 4,949.38 lbs and can load contents weighing up to 62,247.57 lbs. These containers have a volume of 1,172.55 cubic feet. Its interior dimensions are 19.25 by 7.66 by 7.85 feet. The end door of the container is 7.67 by 7.40 feet. They do not have a rooftop or side door.
  • 20-foot high cube double-door containers: The exterior dimensions of the container is 20 by 8 by 9.5 feet. These containers tare weight is about 5,335.19 lbs and can load contents weighing up to 61,861.76 lbs. These containers have a volume of 1,172.55 cubic feet. Its interior dimensions are 19.25 by 7.66 by 8.85 feet. The end door of the container is 7.67 by 8.50 feet. They do not have a rooftop or side door.
  • 40-foot standard containers: 20-foot double-door containers: The exterior dimensions of the container is 24 by 8 by 8.5 feet. These containers tare weight is about 8,168.13 lbs. and can load contents weighing up to 59,028.82 lbs. These containers have a volume of 1,172.55 cubic feet. Its interior dimensions are 39.40 by 7.66 by 7.85 feet. The end door of the container is 7.67 by 7.40 feet. They do not have a rooftop or side door.

If YOU need a custom storage solution, you need to work with Carolina Containers to get the storage you need. You can’t beat the ease of access that on-site storage offers. Contact us, let’s see what we can do for you!

With Summer Around the Corner, What About Storing all That Winter Gear?

How To Effectively Store Your Cold Gear In Your Storage Container

Now that the cold weather is wrapping up, you probably need to clear it all to make room for your summer clothes and stuff! Fortunately, storage containers can come in handy for this exact reason and they can be very convenient for storing all your heavy-duty winter gear without taking up much space around your home. Here are some tips to help you store all your cold weather gear in your storage container more effectively until the next time winter comes around.

Store Everything Clean if you Want to Take it Out Clean!

Storage containers are usually airtight so before you pack your cold gear, ensure you dry clean, or wash everything prior to packing. Any lingering oils from your perfumes and deodorants can discolor clothing and you may end up with musty-smelling clothes come winter in your storage container in Raleigh. Put it in how you want it to come out!

Ensure you cargo container is located in a cool and dry place before you put any of your things inside. Your winter clothes should be in a cool, dark storage area and if your storage container has shelves, ensure they are clean before you put your things on them.

Boxes in Your Container

Containers Protect Construction MaterialsUse opaque containers to keep your winter gear instead of clear ones as these opaque ones will keep out the light and prevent discoloration of clothing inside the storage container in Raleigh NC. Ensure you also label the containers in order to identify the contents when you need to take them out again. Additionally, do not use cardboard boxes to store your winter gear in the storage container as they can attract insects and they are not as airtight as sealable plastic storage containers. Pro tip: roaches LOVE cardboard.

Sprinkle some baking soda into your shoes and boots prior to packing them away to help in absorbing existing odors and preventing them from spreading to other clothing items in the cargo container. When you will need to use your winter gear again, all you have to do is dump the baking soda out before use.

Keep Clean & Tidy

If you are trying to keep insects at bay in your cargo container then mothballs are not ideal. Not only are they ineffective, but they also have a terrible smell and they are toxic to pets and people. Alternatively, use small pouches of cedar chips or lavender inside the storage boxes or garment racks in your cargo container. Cedar wood has essential oils that can keep off beetles and adult moths. On the other hand, cedar can lose its effectiveness after some time, so it is good to rub the cedar chips or blocks with sandpaper occasionally to promote the release of new oils.

When packing your cold gear, it is good to place your heaviest clothes at the bottom of your storage containers because storing lighter items under heavy items causes them to stretch out or crease. It is also advisable never to store your clothing on the floor of your cargo container directly without any protection. If there are any windows in your cargo container, it is also advisable to keep your winter gear away from these areas.

So if you’re ready to start switching everything out, give us a call and we can hook you up with the perfect shipping container! Whether it be the 10′ cube or the 40′ open side for your snowmobile, we’ve got what you need!

Optimizing Your Shipping Containers for On-site Construction Storage

How Can I Optimize for On-Site Construction Storage?

Optimizing on-site construction storage promotes improvements in the productivity and profitability of any project. Having a well-organized storage space also allows for efficient planning of material procurement. This translates to a simplified process of acquiring and using materials. There are several storage options you can use, but one of the easiest to obtain and restructure is a shipping container.

Benefits of on-site Construction Storage

The addition of a storage container will come in handy. However, you need to optimize for on-site storage for the following benefits.

  • Easy and fast access of materials
  • Ability to store more within the provided space
  • Ability to retain order
  • Ease in keeping track of materials and tools

Optimizing On-site Construction Storage

Additional on-site storage is important especially if you are working on a large project. The following are some creative ways of optimizing on-site construction storage in your container.

  • Add shelves and/or racks on walls

Depending on the materials and tools you intend to use, you can add shelves to the wall of your container. To optimize on this solution, it is best that the shelves are just the right size. This will allow you to have more space to work with, as you will avoiding wastage or too tight spaces that will not help you.  Open shelves make it easy and fast to pick items since you can quickly scan open spaces.

  • Install drawers with labels

You can install drawers on the lower end to help ensure that small tools do not get lost. They are better placed at the bottom to ensure that you can easily view their contents and they won’t spill out. This storage option should always leave sufficient space to open the drawers to avoid squeezing in. keep in mind that as much as you are optimizing construction storage, you also need to gain access of the storage option with ease. Labels on drawers will ease your search when looking for tools and make life easier for everyone.

  • Install hooks to the walls

Some tools and materials can easily hang on a wall. To make this possible, you need the right hooks to support the weight and shape of your tools or materials. A single hook can accommodate a number of tools. Ensure that it is firmly secured on the wall to prevent minor accidents from falls. Go for strong and durable hooks, it’s worth it long-term.

  • Consider multi-purpose functionality of storage options

When designing the shelves, drawers, and cabinets, you can always use them for more than one function. During breaks at the construction site, the cabinets can be designed to allow for sitting space as well. The edges of the shelves can be positions to add hooks rather than drill holes everywhere on the wall. However, it is important to avoid clustering materials as it makes it difficult to locate what you need. Careful pre-planing is important.


If you need/want better means of storage and organization on your jobs, you need to get to customizing a shipping container. You will also be able to keep track of material use and orders. Consider addition of shelves, installation of drawers and hooks to optimize for on-site construction storage when using a container as your storage option. Carolina Containers is your source for all of your container customization needs and services.

Should You Rent or Buy Your Storage Container?

Renting VS Buying Containers

When looking for an efficient on-site storage for your worksite or business needs, a shipping container may be the next thing you need. These containers are available in different sizes, endurance and price. These containers are durable, long lasting and secure. They are ready to use as soon as they are delivered. Carolina Containers is one of the leading container supplies in Raleigh.

You may be looking for a shipping container to use either for an occasional or short-term project or you don’t have enough cash to buy the container right away. The next best option is to consider renting. Carolina Containers gives you great prices for new or used containers as well as friendly monthly rentals. Long-term rent is also available for clients who want to own the shipping container for a longer duration.

Factors To Consider When You Rent A Container

Renting a portable storage container is not a cheap investment and you therefore need to make informed decisions for you to get satisfaction and value for your money. There are several factors to be considered when you want to select a storage container for rent.

Why You Need The Storage Container

Different individuals want shipping containers for diverse purposes. If you are looking for a perfect storage option for stuff that can be left out on site, buying a storage container is the best option. A storage container can really work for you if you are looking for a safe, efficient and secure storage unit for building and construction items, site office or other related stuff that can move with you.

Customized Specifications

Your project is as unique as you are. Carolina Containers takes care of your customized needs and modifies the container to your specifications. They offer office doors, vents, air conditioning & heating, refrigeration, electrical, roll up doors, windows and any other modifications needed. You’ll have to buy your container to customize it though.

How Much You Want To Spend

When looking for a portable storage unit that works for you, you need to work on your budget and find out how much you are ready to spend. Mostly, rental prices for storage containers depends on the size and length of the container and whether it is new or used. Used cargo containers Raleigh are available at a much lowered cost compared to the new containers.

What Size Of Storage Container Do You Need?

Depending on the size of your project, consider renting a storage container that meets your needs. You can opt to rent a 20’ or 40’ storage container that gives you ample space for your project. Take an inventory of the items you need to store to determine the size of storage unit you require.

Duration Of Renting

Depending on the size and nature of your project, you need to know for how long you need the storage container. If you need the storage unit for a short period, look for convenient and affordable offers. For long-term rentals, ensure you get a conex box at affordable monthly rates.

Bottom Line

For you to get satisfaction and value for your money when renting storage containers or buying used cargo containers Raleigh, consider dealing with popular shipping cargo suppliers. Make Carolina Containers your trusted dealers for all your storage containers solutions.

Customization to Help You Get the Most From Your Shipping Container

Customizations That Will Help You Get the Most From Your Storage Container

custom storage containersIf you have always longed for some extra space in your home or business in terms of storage, then a cargo container could be the solution you’ve been searching for. Storage containers in Raleigh, NC come in several sizes not to mention you can easily customize them. You can have extra space applications for your cargo container including craft rooms, sheds, workshops, music studios, guesthouses, and offices. Customizing your shipping container allows you to get the perfect solution for your storage needs. Here are some of the best and most popular customizations you can get.


The floors in cargo containers are usually treated using special chemicals to prevent insect infestation and corrosion. You can replace the flooring if you desire, for your specific needs and goals. Steel overlay flooring is a popular modification for your floor but vinyl flooring is good if you want something easy to clean and durable. Vinyl flooring also gives you variety in terms of thickness, colors, and textures that you can choose from. You can use a spray-on truck bed-liner to toughen or waterproof the floors. It’s a great and very strong medium. It is ideal for extreme temperature climates and it will not split, peel, crack, or warp.

Skylights and Windows

Adding any of these two is a great and cost-friendly way to increase the natural lighting for your cargo container. If you want to increase the security of your windows, you can add security bars or used reinforced windows. Skylights give you an excellent alternative if you want to have natural lighting while also paying mind to your security. Skylights bring light into the cargo container without revealing the contents to anyone who is on ground level.


container customization raleighBelieve it or not you have the option of installing phone or data lines, outlets, and lights within your shipping container. You can also add exterior lighting (e.g. floodlights or porch light). Power sources usually come in the standard 110V with either four outlets or two outlets. They can either be exposed on the wall paneling or flush mounted. Overhead lighting is a popular lighting modification with cargo containers, it gives you the natural feeling of a skylight. If there is no power on-location and your container is in a remote place, then LED lighting is a great alternative. You can hook up LED lights to a small battery to light up the interior of the container with minimal power needed.


Adding shelving to your container can help to declutter it and keep everything more organized. You can even have the shelving put in before the cargo container is delivered to you. The installed shelves usually hang from the D rings on the inside of your shipping container and you will not need to make any other exterior modifications. You can easily adjust these shelves just as easily as you can remove them. You can also just as easily move in standing racks of shelves for even more storage.


An added advantage of modifying your cargo container is that you can paint it any color you want. You can paint the container to camouflage with shrubbery and trees, match your building, or represent your brand. Or, if you just want your continuer to NOT stick out, we can paint it a nice natural light color so it won’t stick out like a sore thumb.

Carolina containers is your source for not only all of your shipping container purchasing and renting needs, but for all of your container customization needs and beyond! We are your container experts, we can do it all. Contact us now if you have any questions or concerns!

A Shipping Container Can Offer So Much Value To Your Business!

How Can a Shipping Container Add Value to my Business?

Containers Protect Construction MaterialsShipping containers are truly just great to have around, especially when it comes to your business. In this post, we have put together several ways through which shipping containers can add value to any business. They include but are not limited to the following:

More Bulk Storage: With standard pallet sizes and regulated boxes, storing any surplus or extra goods has never been so easy. If you get an open-side container you can easily move all of your merchandise in and out as you need it. With a storage container, all of your stuff is never too far away!

Seasonal Stock Storage: If you have seasonal stock which didn’t sell during Christmas or New year and didn’t want to sell at ridiculously low prices, but nowhere to store it, we’ve got you. A shipping container would be suitable for storing all these stock items for you and can be kept wherever you may want or need. You can even stack multiple containers on top of one another if your space is that limited.

Retail Backroom Flexibility: When it comes to onsite storage, whenever you need stored items to be shipped between retail stores, a shipping container will be the best, and often cheapest option. Retail stores are making use of shipping containers to move goods between stores safely and efficiently. This is easier and cheaper for all parties involved.

Reduce Risk and Cost When Expanding: Not only are shipping containers very useful in the now, they hold their value quite well and will always have a certain level of resale value. It is essential to reduce risk when starting a business because simply put you don’t want to lose all of your money for nothing. A shipping container can help in addressing these problems with not only the resell value but also serve as storage for excessive stock if the owners misinterpret the demand of customers or aim to add more storage quickly and cheaply when needed.

Carolina Containers shipping containerStacking It Up: Shipping containers are a major tool for companies with stock storage needs. These containers are made with durable materials which are resistant to wind and water. They can also be stacked and locked at the corners so as to minimize the ground space covered, a simple walkway can also be added so as to ensure easy accessibility.

Convenient Workspace: If you need a convenient workspace for your business, shipping containers can provide workspaces for any kind of application in any field. The benefits of container are applicable to everyone and they can be kept far away from the public so as to provide the convenient workspace you desire. Mobile construction offices are a good example of this.

Highly Customizable: Regardless of whether shipping containers is used for a storage or workspace, it can be customized easily to create the space needed for your business – this include office space, shelves, windows as well as doors; it has many possibilities. Additionally, the customizing options are less expensive when compared to a traditional building and will help you save money.

If you think that your business could get a lot out of a storage container, contact us today and let’s see what we can get worked out!