10 Things to Pack for Your Deer Hunt

Gum Log Plantation hunting retreatIf you’ve ever been deer hunting, you know it consists of hours spent outdoors in the middle of the wilderness; therefore, it’s essential to bring along everything you could need. When heading on a hunting retreat, here is a list of 10 things you should pack for your deer hunt.

Hunting Retreat: Deer Hunting Essentials

Compass/GPS. A hunter’s worst nightmare is trekking too deep into the woods and not being able to find their way back out again. Getting lost can be a disastrous issue when hunting deer, so you should never forget to bring along a compass or GPS.

First Aid Kit. In the case of an injury while out hunting, it can be a lifesaver to have a first aid kit on hand. A first aid kit will allow you to treat cuts, stings, and other injuries.

Firestarter. Fire can be a massive boon to any hunter out hunting, especially if you’re hunting in the cold. So, always have a way to start a fire.

Knife. You never know when you might need to cut something while you’re hunting. So whether it’s a branch, a piece of cloth, or whatever else, a knife is handy to have along.

Boots. A comfortable pair of boots is also an essential item. When hunting deer, you’ll be covering a lot of ground on foot, so you’ll want some sturdy and comfortable footwear to cushion your feet along the way. Also, take an extra pair of socks to ensure your feet stay dry.

Rattling Antlers. One of the best ways to attract deer into shooting range is to mimic the noises a buck makes and having rattling antlers is incredibly helpful.

Binoculars. As you’ll be searching far and wide for a deer to bring down, binoculars can assist in spotting deer from long distances.

T-Handle Saw. These small saws have a wide range of uses, from cutting tree branches to sawing through the skin and bone of any deer you might bring down.

Paracord. This compact cord can be handy when dragging a buck back to your truck or when you might need to tie something to your pack.

Canteen. Staying hydrated while hunting is essential, as you wouldn’t want to start getting lightheaded when a deer comes into range. So, make sure you have water and throw in a high-energy snack bar too.

Gum Log Plantation

Deer hunting is an outdoor activity enjoyed by many. Having an extraordinary experience is the goal of Gum Log Plantation, a hunting retreat in Abbeville, GA. Our expert guides will take you on hunts through our 3,000-acre grounds then return to the lodge for relaxation and delicious meals. So come and experience deer hunting at its best – call 229-318-9015 and book your hunt today.

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