Sound Awareness While Hog Hunting

Gum Log Plantation hog huntingWild hogs are some of the most sought-after hunter’s marks in the sphere of hunting, partly due to their elusive nature. However, feral hogs can be highly crafty, tenacious, and even dangerous, making them one of the more problematic marks.

So, why exactly are wild hogs so hard to hunt? One reason is because of their highly developed senses. Even though hearing may be one of their least developed senses, it’s still crucial for any hunter worth his salt to be aware of sound throughout the hunt. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about sound awareness while hog hunting.

Senses of the Wild Hog

Wild hogs, like many wild animals, have some incredibly keen senses. Their sense of smell, sight, and hearing is not to be underestimated and may allow them to detect you long before you get them in your sights.


A wild hog’s sense of sight is not the most formidable. However, that’s not to say that hogs are blind. But you should know that long before a hog sees you, they’ll probably already smell or hear you.


A hog’s sense of smell is its keenest sense, allowing it to detect specific odors up to 5 miles away. Therefore, when preparing for the hunt, you should keep this massively sensitive sense of smell in mind and use scent maskers or always stay downwind of the hog’s position to avoid spooking it.


Another of the wild hog’s formidable senses is its sense of hearing. Even though its hearing may be a less developed sense, a wild hog can still easily detect a loud whisper up to 100 yards away. So, if you speak at a volume above a whisper for some reason, you can expect a nearby wild hog to flee. And if for some reason you’re close to a wild hog when you speak, it may be prompted to attack, especially if it feels threatened.

It’s important to know that normal movement noises, such as shifting rocks, rustling undergrowth, or snapping twigs, will not spook a wild hog right away. They are known to tolerate such noises for a time, but if they persist or grow louder, the hog may flee.

Gum Log Plantation

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