What Makes Wild Hogs Such Pests?

Gum Log Plantation hog hunting in GAIt might be shocking to learn that Georgia is home to feral hogs, commonly called wild boars. These animals are highly invasive and a significant nuisance for ranchers, farmers, and people living near wildlands and rural areas. They invade fields, eat and destroy crops, tear up land rooting, and defecate, spreading parasites and bacteria. Hog hunting is one way to control their rapidly increasing population.

Hog Hunting in GA: Controlling Pests

How Did the Pigs Become Wild?

Wild pigs, like many other invasive species, were created accidentally. Spanish missionaries brought domestic pigs with them as a food source when they came to America. However, the pigs were released from pens to forage, and many weren’t recaptured. They then became feral after escaping domestication. Later, in the 1900s, European wild boars were introduced to America for sport hunting. The two types of pigs interbred and produced what is found in the wild today.

What Makes Them Such a Problem?

Wild pigs are invasive and destructive pests with ravenous appetites for many plants and animals. They will kill and eat small farm animals and other wildlife. Pigs compete for food with native wildlife, often forcing the natives from the area or starvation. They dig up land designated for grazing livestock when searching for food and disturbing native vegetation. In suburban areas, they cause damage to gardens and lawns through rooting.

It is estimated that wild boars cause $1.5 billion in economic damage to the environment and agriculture every year. Wild boars invade farms and cause severe destruction to crops and the native vegetation leaving farmers counting losses. No wonder farmers engage in hog hunting to get rid of these pests.

Not only are the wild pigs destructive, but they also spread diseases. They’re known to carry E. coli and Salmonella, which are infectious to humans. They can also pass potentially devastating diseases to domestic livestock and wildlife. In addition, wild hogs host more than 34 parasites that affect various animal species.

Wild pigs can be contained and managed through hog hunting. Laws and regulations regarding wild pigs or feral hog hunting are available by state. Most states allow hog hunting all year long. Check local regulations before hunting.

Gum Log Plantation

Are you interested in hog hunting in GA? Gum Log Plantation is a beautiful hunting lodge in Abbeville, GA, set on 3000 acres of fertile hog hunting land. Our expert guides will take you on an exciting experience of hunting and tracking these invasive beasts. Contact us today at 229-318-9015 to book your hog hunting trip.

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