Wild Hogs: What Senses Do They Have?

Gum Log Plantation hunting lodge in GAWild hogs (also known as wild boars) are fascinating creatures. They typically live in forests and swamps, but they also enjoy living near lakes and rivers. Feral or Wild hogs are intelligent animals with excellent sensory perception. Here are the senses that most hunters need to be familiar with when hunting and tracking wild hogs.

Hunting Lodge in GA: Wild Hog Hunting Tips

Sense of Smell

Wild hogs have an excellent sense of smell. They can smell food from miles away, and they use their noses to root around in the ground for food. This strong sense of smell also helps them detect danger – they can easily smell the scent of a predator or other animals that might be dangerous. Smell is the strongest of their senses. Therefore, hunters need to stay downwind from wild hogs to remain undetected.


Wild hogs also have excellent hearing. They can hear things happening far away and use their ears to listen for danger. In addition, hogs can also distinguish between different types of noises. They will tolerate everyday noises such as rustling leaves or swaying tree branches but flee any unusual sound. A wild hog’s hearing is so sensitive that they can hear a human whisper from 100 yards away. It can help protect them from predators but can also be very problematic. Therefore, hunters need to be very aware of any sound they generate.

Monocular Vision

Contrary to what some ill-informed articles would make you believe, wild hogs aren’t blind. They have excellent vision. Unlike human beings, they have monocular vision (independently focusing each eye on different things). This type of vision gives them a significant advantage when spotting food, danger, or prey, but it lacks depth perception. The result is wild hogs see movement 100 yards away but often don’t react because they do not detect it as an immediate danger, but any nearby action or even shadows will send them fleeing.

Hunting Wild Hogs

Many people like to hunt wild hogs. One way to improve your hunting skill is to understand how different senses help wild hogs survive. By knowing how they smell, hear, and see, you can better determine where they might be hiding or what type of terrain they prefer. Understanding their senses can help you become a better hunter!

Gum Log Plantation

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