Our Most Popular Hog Butchering Techniques

Gum Log Plantation hunting lodge in GAFeral hogs aren’t the same as the domestic pigs most of the public is used to seeing. They are not even native to this country. Texas has the largest population of feral hogs, but North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and California also have large wild hog populations. Hunting helps control these populations; plus, wild hogs are good to eat. So, if you’re hunting them for more than sport, it’s essential to understand how to butcher the animal properly. Here are some butchering tips and tricks of the trade to ensure safety.

Gum Log Plantation Hunting Lodge in GA: Hog Butchering Tips

Use the Right Tools

Butchers need the right tools to process the hog properly. An experienced butcher will never forget any of these tools:

  • Boning knife
  • Meat saw
  • Cleaver
  • Bone dust scraper
  • Clip point knife
  • Drop point knife
  • Slicing knife
  • Latex gloves

Butchering Overview

Before separating the best meats, the animal must be split in half.

Halve the Carcass– Split the breastbone with a knife while locating its center and cut down to the bone straight from neck to tail. This line is the guide. Be careful while sawing the hog in half, and then clean it by removing veins and organs.

Making the Cuts – First, cut parallel from the spine to the tailbone to get the Tenderloin. Pull the meat away and separate it. Next, cut through a leg for a short Ham or shoulder for a whole ham. Afterward, cut around the third rib, saw through the bone, and split the shoulder. Next, use the knife to cut through the meat to make a Picnic Shoulder and Boston Butt. Next, divide the belly. Finally, cut the ribs straight using the saw until they break in half. This last cut will separate the top loin and the belly.

Hunting Lodge in GA

Now that DIY butchering is out of the way, it’s time to consider where to go hunting. In the state of Georgia, you can have an experience that can’t be matched anywhere else. Some of the best hunting lodges are located in Georgia. Georgia has the perfect ecosystem for hog hunting, with swampland and hunting grounds along the Ocmulgee River. Of course, these hunting grounds don’t guarantee that each hunt will be successful, but Gum Log Plantation has a high success rate.

Gum Log Plantation

One of the best hunting lodges in GA is Gum Log Plantation. The grounds are full of targets. The plantation has expert guides with the experience necessary to advise hunters eager to have a rewarding adventure. So, if you’re itching to catch a feral hog, contact Gum Log Plantation at 229-318-9015 and book a trip.


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