Customization to Help You Get the Most From Your Shipping Container

Customizations That Will Help You Get the Most From Your Storage Container

custom storage containersIf you have always longed for some extra space in your home or business in terms of storage, then a cargo container could be the solution you’ve been searching for. Storage containers in Raleigh, NC come in several sizes not to mention you can easily customize them. You can have extra space applications for your cargo container including craft rooms, sheds, workshops, music studios, guesthouses, and offices. Customizing your shipping container allows you to get the perfect solution for your storage needs. Here are some of the best and most popular customizations you can get.


The floors in cargo containers are usually treated using special chemicals to prevent insect infestation and corrosion. You can replace the flooring if you desire, for your specific needs and goals. Steel overlay flooring is a popular modification for your floor but vinyl flooring is good if you want something easy to clean and durable. Vinyl flooring also gives you variety in terms of thickness, colors, and textures that you can choose from. You can use a spray-on truck bed-liner to toughen or waterproof the floors. It’s a great and very strong medium. It is ideal for extreme temperature climates and it will not split, peel, crack, or warp.

Skylights and Windows

Adding any of these two is a great and cost-friendly way to increase the natural lighting for your cargo container. If you want to increase the security of your windows, you can add security bars or used reinforced windows. Skylights give you an excellent alternative if you want to have natural lighting while also paying mind to your security. Skylights bring light into the cargo container without revealing the contents to anyone who is on ground level.


container customization raleighBelieve it or not you have the option of installing phone or data lines, outlets, and lights within your shipping container. You can also add exterior lighting (e.g. floodlights or porch light). Power sources usually come in the standard 110V with either four outlets or two outlets. They can either be exposed on the wall paneling or flush mounted. Overhead lighting is a popular lighting modification with cargo containers, it gives you the natural feeling of a skylight. If there is no power on-location and your container is in a remote place, then LED lighting is a great alternative. You can hook up LED lights to a small battery to light up the interior of the container with minimal power needed.


Adding shelving to your container can help to declutter it and keep everything more organized. You can even have the shelving put in before the cargo container is delivered to you. The installed shelves usually hang from the D rings on the inside of your shipping container and you will not need to make any other exterior modifications. You can easily adjust these shelves just as easily as you can remove them. You can also just as easily move in standing racks of shelves for even more storage.


An added advantage of modifying your cargo container is that you can paint it any color you want. You can paint the container to camouflage with shrubbery and trees, match your building, or represent your brand. Or, if you just want your continuer to NOT stick out, we can paint it a nice natural light color so it won’t stick out like a sore thumb.

Carolina containers is your source for not only all of your shipping container purchasing and renting needs, but for all of your container customization needs and beyond! We are your container experts, we can do it all. Contact us now if you have any questions or concerns!


A Shipping Container Can Offer So Much Value To Your Business!

How Can a Shipping Container Add Value to my Business?

Containers Protect Construction MaterialsShipping containers are truly just great to have around, especially when it comes to your business. In this post, we have put together several ways through which shipping containers can add value to any business. They include but are not limited to the following:

More Bulk Storage: With standard pallet sizes and regulated boxes, storing any surplus or extra goods has never been so easy. If you get an open-side container you can easily move all of your merchandise in and out as you need it. With a storage container, all of your stuff is never too far away!

Seasonal Stock Storage: If you have seasonal stock which didn’t sell during Christmas or New year and didn’t want to sell at ridiculously low prices, but nowhere to store it, we’ve got you. A shipping container would be suitable for storing all these stock items for you and can be kept wherever you may want or need. You can even stack multiple containers on top of one another if your space is that limited.

Retail Backroom Flexibility: When it comes to onsite storage, whenever you need stored items to be shipped between retail stores, a shipping container will be the best, and often cheapest option. Retail stores are making use of shipping containers to move goods between stores safely and efficiently. This is easier and cheaper for all parties involved.

Reduce Risk and Cost When Expanding: Not only are shipping containers very useful in the now, they hold their value quite well and will always have a certain level of resale value. It is essential to reduce risk when starting a business because simply put you don’t want to lose all of your money for nothing. A shipping container can help in addressing these problems with not only the resell value but also serve as storage for excessive stock if the owners misinterpret the demand of customers or aim to add more storage quickly and cheaply when needed.

Carolina Containers shipping containerStacking It Up: Shipping containers are a major tool for companies with stock storage needs. These containers are made with durable materials which are resistant to wind and water. They can also be stacked and locked at the corners so as to minimize the ground space covered, a simple walkway can also be added so as to ensure easy accessibility.

Convenient Workspace: If you need a convenient workspace for your business, shipping containers can provide workspaces for any kind of application in any field. The benefits of container are applicable to everyone and they can be kept far away from the public so as to provide the convenient workspace you desire. Mobile construction offices are a good example of this.

Highly Customizable: Regardless of whether shipping containers is used for a storage or workspace, it can be customized easily to create the space needed for your business – this include office space, shelves, windows as well as doors; it has many possibilities. Additionally, the customizing options are less expensive when compared to a traditional building and will help you save money.

If you think that your business could get a lot out of a storage container, contact us today and let’s see what we can get worked out!

What Are Pop-up Container Stores?

Pop-up Container Store Planning Tips

A pop-up container store is a fascinating idea which can be brought to reality by following a few, but very crucial steps. After you have settled on opening a pop-up store, you are one step closer to creating an in-person experience that can grow your brand. However, a pop-up store takes an immense amount of planning and foresight. In this we’ll try to give you a rough checklist to make sure you have all the different parts in order before you take any big steps. We can’t stress the importance of planning enough!

Prepare For Your Pop-up Store

  • Storage container modifications and customizationsCoordinate a deal with the space owner: If you don’t already own the place you’re planning to operate the store, this involves agreeing on a time, money, etc.
  • Get the appropriate permit: This will vary based on the nature of your pop-up store as well as the regulation of your city and state. You should conduct detailed research ahead of time so you don’t run into any unforeseen and easily avoided issues.
  • Confirm the space’s utilities work: You should know the features which are included in your rental (wi-fi, video equipment or kitchen space) and how to use them. Most spaces include this in the price but it is crucial to check as well.
  • Choose a payment system: Mobile POS system as well as cash are good options but if you are planning a ticketed event, you should select a platform to sell and also scan tickets electronically.
  • Design your layout: You should visit the space and decide how you will configure and also showcase your products.
  • Get necessary furniture: This can include shelves, clothing racks, hangers, display tables, extra lighting, décor etc. you should make sure everything in your space aligns visually with your brand.
  • Develop a marketing strategy: You should promote your pop-up store on social media, plan in-store media events, create an event page or partner with other local influencers, maybe even send out a news letter of make an event on Google My Business!
  • Create branded materials: Branded materials which can be used include price tags, signs, posters, cards as well as window display. Get that brand out there!
  • Connect with your customers: Plan to collect email newsletter sign-ups or pass out business cards during your events. You should be creative with social media because this is your chance to convert a one-time visitor into a lifelong customer.

Set-up your pop-up store

  • customized container raleighSet up your space: You should arrange your furniture and decorate according to your design plan. The products should be assembled in a way which attracts shoppers and also increase your conversion rate, just be smart and thoughtful with what you do.
  • Keep in contact: It’s always good to have your space owner’s contact info if you need to ask urgent questions.
  • Test your technologies: All the gadgets such as Wi-fi, POS system should be tested before you open your doors, at least once if not a few times.
  • Draw in foot traffic: Attract visitors by putting up banners, signs as well as other attention-grabbing elements in the area.
  • Bring a tool kit: The contents will depend on your event, but it is crucial to bring along a hammer, nail, tape measure, stapler, staples, pen, paper, glue, extra chargers or batteries as well as anything which might be needed urgently to fix any issues.

A shipping container pop-up store is a great option if you’re looking for something mobile and don’t have the time or money to drop on a store-front. Please contact us anytime, we’ll gladly be your shipping container source! Carolina Containers only sells the highest quality storage containers. 

Why Should You Choose a Custom Storage Container?

What Can A Custom Shipping Container Offer You?

Everyone appreciates having his or her own space. Nothing quite compares to making a place your own, and it having every single feature that you need. A home says a lot about a person’s personality. We think the same way about your custom cargo containers. Shipping containers are slowly taking over when it comes to living & working spaces. It has a lot to offer in comparison to your normal living space. This read will highlight why you need to use shipping containers in Raleigh, NC.

 Six Reasons Why You Should Use Shipping Containers in Raleigh, NC

  1. Affordable: When you convert a shipping container to a home or a workspace, you will spend less compared to buying, renting, or building a space. Your customization options are about as endless as your imagination.
  2. Ease of construction and use: You can design a lot of things with a shipping container. All you need to get is a reliable company and a shipping container. It will be delivered to the site and anything that your heart desires can be designed into whatever you need. You could add a window or door or even include another shipping container as another floor on top or below your own.
  3. Time conscious: If you are looking to secure a space within a deadline, a shipping container will work well for you. Customization could take as a little as a few weeks to a few months, depending on the intensity of it.
  4. Design: Do you have a specific home design in mind? You can now tap into your imagination and make it a reality. A shipping container can be customized to make your dream space!
  5. Portability: The beauty of a shipping container is that it is so portable. It can be transported to any location at any time. This means that moving can be made easier and cheaper. If you live in an area that is prone to natural disasters, shipping containers give you the power to better protect your belongings. You can now move your office to any location, giving you and clients better accessibility alike. However, take note that due to the size of the shipping container and the transporting truck, you will need a maneuvering space of at least one hundred feet. This will help you comfortably load the container to its desired location and position.
  6. Friendly to the environment: Reusing shipping containers saves a lot of energy and gives the steel another lease on life. This helps the environment as opposed to building a house or remaking a shipping container. Most shipping container companies sell both new and old containers to their clients. 

So, if all of any of these sound good to you and you think a shipping container could be just the storage option you need at home or for your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us and see what we can do for you!

Why Are Shipping Containers The Ultimate Storage Option?

Carolina Containers: The Solution To All Your Storage Needs 

The New Year is a few days ahead and you can’t afford to get your home cluttered again. You need to get a shipping container Raleigh NC. Why a shipping container? Its amazing benefits, convenience and affordability will make you like it. 

storage container service

Do you have those valuable stuff, like electronics, appliances, furniture, mattresses and other junk you don’t want damaged by keeping it outside the house. Winter has well set in and the stuff you have kept outside is much more likely to be damaged. You’d hate to see things you spent money on go to waste for no good reason other than being out of storage space.

Why should you trust a Carolina Container’s Shipping Containers?

Shipping containers are the most popular storage solutions in the modern world. Containers provide you with the flexibility and convenience you’ve been looking for. They are available in different size and can be modified to your unique shape and design. Storage containers are strong, durable and long lasting and can withstand all kinds of weather while ensuring safety and protection of the materials and items stored inside. 

The holidays are here with us and family and friends we’ve not met for a while are getting prepared to pay us a visit. Definitely, there is a dire need to give our homes a brand new look and replace the old furniture with new ones. We have to replace those old mattresses to ensure comfort and happiness of our beloved who will be staying with us for a couple of days or months. 

Again, if you are planning to travel overseas or away from home to reunite with your family, you need to leave behind your car in a secure parking. A cargo container can be an amazing storage solution to your small car till you come back home. During holidays, crimes and robbery are on a high rate and you can afford to leave some stuff outside the house as you go and enjoy your holidays. Instead of stuffing your home with old stuff that were kept outside, finding a conex container Raleigh NC is a brilliant idea. 

Where To Find The Right Container Container

Finding the best storage container can be a real hassle especially if you are doing it for the first time. If you don’t have an idea of how to go about it, you can relax. Carolina containers will take care of you and ensure that you get the exact container that you need.

Call us now and let us know how we can help you. We provide a wide range of storage containers, used or new. Used containers a cheaper compared to the new containers but we deliver all them in a good shape. Our containers are available for sale and hire and we provide convenient delivery and pickup services. 

Our team of highly dedicated engineers are working on the ground to ensure that they modify the container in the right shape and design that suits your unique project. We offer top quality containers that are well cleaned and maintained, ready for use. Our containers are highly affordable to meet your budget and help you save extra dollars to spend over the holidays or to use in your future projects. 

Need Help?

If you are looking for the best shipping containers Raleigh NC, make Carolina Containers your all-time storage container suppliers today. We will help you find the best storage container right at the comfort of your home or office and enjoy a hassle-free service that you desire. Please contact Carolina Containers today with any questions!

Get Yourself a Custom Container For the Winter

A Container With a Few Customizations Could be JUST What You’re Looking For!

Advantages of Custom Storage Containers

Shipping containers are so versatile and functional that you can use them for practically anything, ranging from storage to housing! They have only become more popular with new trends like shipping container bars, shopping outlets, and even homes. In fact, the use of cargo containers for self-storage has been around for many years now. The fact that real estate is becoming costlier with time means that these alternative dwellings are gaining even more ground with people.

The advantages of using cargo containers from Raleigh are well worth every penny. You will find our cargo containers to be safe, durable, cost-effective, and even weatherproof. One of the most common uses of shipping containers is converting them into storage space. When you think about conventional storage facilities, they are quite expensive to physical maintain and are usually not conveniently close. Buying a cargo container is like making an investment that can pay off any way you want it to in the future, not to mention you can use it as soon as you get it!

Long Lasting Dependability

Cargo containers are also very durable thus they are ideal options for storing personal items outdoors particularly during the harsh upcoming winter weather. These storage containers have been designed and built to withstand all manner of external forces. Strong impacts and harsh weather will have little to no effect on your container. Cargo containers in Raleigh are made using weathering steel that is very high strength, with a finish that will keep out the elements and corrosion. You can truly trust the waterproofing abilities of a container, your things WILL be dry if you store them in your container. Water can cause grave damage to so many things, don’t give it the chance!

Security & Confidence 40 foot storage container for sale

Our containers are extremely secure. They have a lot of structural integrity, just looking around one will assure you of that. If you choose to buy more than one storage container, you can easily stack them on top of one another! They’re made to be stacked tall when they sit in shipyards or even on their over sea journeys. This allows you to truly maximize your storage space. You can add ladders or whatever you want to make it easier for you to access.

If you no longer have any good use for your cargo container, you can probably look to re-sell it for a decent price! You could also look to rent it out to anyone who needs temporary storage. You can also quite easily relocate your container wherever it is most convenient for you! Just one more great feature of shipping containers is how easy they are to transport, you can load them up on the back of a truck and take them where you want them!

We are waiting to take your calls and help you begin celebrating the holidays as early as we can! For more information on using a shipping container for any of your purposes, contact Carolina Containers at 919-562-9187.

Shipping Containers For YOUR Business?

Shipping containers are applicable for anyone in any kind if business. When working in an industry that requires shipping of large products to various locations, storage containers are a great solution. When storing valuable items for a long period of time, they are a great secure and spacious option. Here are some of the best things shipping containers can offer you.


1.) Storage

Containers are super spacious on the inside, allowing you to store a ton of your things in them. Furthermore, you can keep your things in it for as long as you may want or need. From business documents, furniture to landscaping items, containers give you enough storage space to keep your valuable items.

2.) Security

Storage containers are extremely secure. First, they are made from steel which is pretty strong by itself. Secondly, legitimate manufacturers of storage containers install locking mechanisms that ensure that your goods are well secured. Furthermore, you can have a custom modified storage container to satisfy your peace of mind in case you feel insecure about security. You can essentially turn your container into a safe if you have that many goods to secure. You can count on your belongings being safe year-round. Read more Raleigh Storage Containers!