What to Wear During a Hog Hunt

Gum Log Plantation hunting lodge in GeorgiaWild hogs are an extremely popular animal to hunt in North America. For centuries, hogs have been a food source for hunters and explorers. The great thing about hog hunting is that the season is year-round, and many states encourage hunting these overpopulated destructive animals because it reduces damage done to farmers.

Hog hunting is frequently done at night, so no matter what season or state you’re in, you need to dress warmly. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter trying a new animal or an amateur looking to break into the sport, here is a list of items you should wear for a hog hunt.

Hog Hunting Lodge in Georgia: Gum Log Plantation Hunting Tips

Head & Face

In any sport, you’re going to want to protect your head. For hunting, having the proper headgear is essential to keep you safe.

A baseball cap or a wide-brimmed hat is a great way to protect your face and neck from the sun if you’re hunting during the day. Using a hat also provides some strategic advantages to hog hunting. Hogs don’t have great long-distance eyesight. A head covering of any style or color breaks up your silhouette, making it hard for the hogs to detect you as a danger. An orange hat is recommended so other hunters can see you. In cold weather, wearing a face covering, like a balaclava or a half-face mask, adds some extra protection from the weather.

Upper Body

For summer months, it’s reasonable to go hog hunting in a t-shirt. However, long pants are still advised to protect you from ticks and bugs. For the same reason, a lightweight, long-sleeved t-shirt is also a great option.

In the winter months, you should layer up. It’s best to have 1-2 layers underneath a heavy, water-resistant jacket. Dry-fit or lightweight wool shirts are great for under layers as they are moisture-wicking and keep your body temperature from dropping.

Lower Body

In general, you’ll want to wear pants for a hog hunt because of the bugs in the high grass areas where hogs congregate. In addition, wearing long pants protects your legs from scratches and bites. You’re going to want to wear hiking or hunting boots for your foot coverings. Boots are durable enough to protect you from animal bites and let you traverse rugged terrain.

It is recommended you don’t wear jeans for hunting. Denim material is not very flexible, and if jeans get wet, they become heavy and difficult to dry. Instead, wear hiking or hunting pants – they have extra pockets and are usually water-resistant.

Hog hunting is a fun year-round sport that anyone with a hunting license can enjoy, and hog hunting attire is simple. However, you’ll want to dress for the elements and have basic protections for arms and legs.

Gum Log Plantation

Do you enjoy hog hunting or want to try the sport? Gum Log Plantation is happy to help. Our hunting lodge in Georgia is located on 3,000 acres of prime hunting land, and our expert guides know where to find the hogs. Contact us today at 229-318-9015 and book your trip today.

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