How to Hunt Hogs During the Day

Gum Log Plantation hog hunting in GAHog hunting is an exciting sporting activity practiced mainly by people in the Southern States, such as Texas (TX), Florida (FL), Georgia (GA), and Louisiana (LA). Most hog hunting in GA occurs during the night hours; however, hunting hogs can still be successful during the day. Therefore, various aspects need to be considered for daytime hog hunting. These aspects include; scouting approaches, appropriate weather gear, and considerable patience.

What Is the Best Time to Hunt Hogs?

When deciding on the appropriate time to go hog hunting, it’s worth noting that hogs usually root for food during the nighttime. Therefore, if you want to hunt them during the day, the best hours will be after sunrise and before sunset. These are the times they go back to their bedding locations.

However, various environmental factors will affect the behavior of hogs during the day. For example, hogs are more likely to be rooting throughout the day during cold weather because the cooler temperatures let them travel faster and traverse more area. As a result, they feel more at ease moving at this time.

Hog Indicators

Signs that hogs are in the area include:

  • The ground is torn up, and there are holes where the hogs rooted for plants roots
  • Excreta that is fresh
  • There are wallowing holes (mud holes where hogs lay in the cool mud while it is hot)


A predator call is the best type of call to use for hogs. Coyote calls are excellent for luring hogs out of their hiding places and into the open. When utilizing this strategy, hunters should maintain a reasonable distance to avoid terrifying the hogs. If disturbed, the hogs can become aggressive and unpredictable in their moves.

Use a Feeder

A feeder is the best technique for hog hunting during daylight hours. If you are interested in getting them out during a specific time, use a timed feeder. It will be releasing a small amount of food at predetermined intervals. Hogs are intelligent animals, and they will eventually learn that the sound of this feeder going off signals a free meal.

Watering Holes

Hogs go near water sources for wallowing, especially when the weather is hot. Therefore, hunting for them at these locations can also work. Look for any spots hogs have been using to wallow, excrete, or roll in the water.


It’s hard to track hogs during the day. However, hearing pig grunts and squealing is an excellent way to locate hogs in an area. To avoid alerting hogs of your whereabouts, remain downwind – they’ll smell you before they see you. Also, it’s best to stay away from hog nests during the day when they’re resting. If they are disturbed, they can become quite hostile – even lethal.

Gum Log Plantation

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