Hog Hunting: The Perfect Family Bonding Trip

Gum Log Plantation hog hunting tipsWho wants some adventure? Hog hunting is the best way to treat your family and loved ones to some exciting and rewarding escapades. Thankfully, Gum Log Plantation provides the right atmosphere. The plantation includes over 3000 acres of prime hunting land, comfy lodges, amenities for your security & comfort. That way, you can head out using your best hog hunting tips and techniques to bag animal trophies. Here’s more on why hog hunting can be the perfect bonding trip for your family.

A Weekend Retreat

There’s no better time than now to ditch the comfort of your home for a weekend retreat or hog hunting getaway. If you’re thinking of where to begin, Gum Log Plantation will give you a great start. There’s something to keep everyone busy. It’s one of the best places to connect with nature and have an experience of a lifetime.

Hog Hunting Tips: Make It a Family Trip

Gum Log Plantation welcomes the whole family. There’s enough land to explore- over 3000 acres of scenic Georgia land and over 40 stands for the exceptional hunting experience. The lodge is located in Abbeville, GA, the wild hog capital of the world, meaning there’s plenty of targets to keep everyone engaged.

Fun Activities for All

You can play a game of “who gets the biggest catch” with your loved ones. If the family is large or there are youngsters involved, break into teams.

Other activities to explore (depending on the season) are fishing, deer hunting, and pontoon boat rides down the Ocmulgee River (it’s home to the world’s record largemouth bass and the prime habitat for wild hogs hunting).

Can you now see why it’s an extraordinary way to enjoy nature and bond with your family?

What’s Next After Hog Hunting?

After an adventurous day of hunting, you can settle in for some tasty foods. Our menus range from local fish and wild game to the famous Georgia barbecue.

The elegant and warm accommodations are furnished to taste and spacious enough to help the whole family relax in preparation for the next outing. In addition, the environment allows you to learn new hog hunting tips and connect with other families (beginner and professional hunters) who share the same passion for the outdoors.

Gum Log Plantation

Gum Log Plantation is a private lodge that’s home to all-things hunting and the best environment to wield those hog hunting tips to your advantage. There can be no dull moment for your family, and it’s an experience you’ll relish for a very long time. So call Gum Log Plantation at 229-318-9015 today and book your fall or winter trip.

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