COVID-19 And Hog Hunting

Gum Log Plantation hunting tipsHunting hogs is an outdoor activity enjoyed by many people. Anyone can partake and be successful, especially when they have great hunting tips and techniques to follow. However, the recent restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic have caused some confusion for all activities. At Gum Log Plantation, we can relate to the discomfort and health challenges that the COVID-19 virus has brought upon us all, but hunting is one activity that can stay within all the guidelines.

Hog Hunting Tips from the Experts

While you’re staying safe, we thought of giving you some hunting tips and quick facts about wild hogs in Georgia. And reassure you that this activity respects social distance and it’s still gratifying in these COVID-19 times.

Destruction Due to Hogs

You probably know that hogs breed quickly- and that can result in a low yield of agricultural produce for local farmers. That’s because hogs have a habit of uprooting soil to a depth of 12 inches in search of food, similar to the depth of crop tilling by local farmers. So leaving feral hogs to multiply in our environment will end up affecting our food sources and ecosystem.

More so, hogs have what is known as dietary overlap with deer due to their larger population. This overlap means that as wild hogs grow in numbers, deer will have declining food sources. The result is a reduced deer population due to starvation or migration.

Because of these challenges, states that ‘manage’ wild hogs are swift to encourage hunters to bag as many hogs as possible.

Hunting in COVID-19 Times

If you’re thinking, ‘Is feral hog hunting still safe to pursue right now?’ our answer to you is, ‘Yes, it is!’ The first thing to consider is hunting is an outdoor activity, so there is fresh air all around you and plenty of space to spread out even when hunting in groups.

With these facts in mind, if you’re interested in contributing to the well-being of your community by controlling the hog population, exercising your mind and body, and getting a freezer full of meat, hog hunting is one activity you should consider.

Gum Log Plantation

There’s no better time to start than now, and we’re right here to plan that hog hunting excursion. Don’t let COVID-19 stop your hog hunting fun; you can still go out and get a hunt in. The experts at Gum Log Plantation can plan a safe and successful hunting trip for you and your friends. Contact us today at 229-318-9015 for more information.

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