The Dead Giveaways Of Hogs In Your Area

Gum Log Plantation hog hunting tipsWild hogs are found in 35 states – mainly in the southern region of the country. They are highly destructive and can be dangerous. Hunting hogs is legal in all these states, and controlling the population is a top priority. Whether you merely want to know what’s digging up your property or you are out tracking hogs when hunting, knowing the signs that indicate hogs are in the vicinity is vital information to know.

Hog Hunting Tips: Signs of Hogs

Here are some signs that reveal there are wild hogs in an area:

Uprooted Soil

One of the most crucial signs that hogs are in the area is large patches of uprooted soil. Hogs have an acute sense of smell. They can detect a food source up to 25 feet underground. When wild hogs identify a food source, they use their strong stouts to uproot and overturn the vegetation to get access to the food. Sometimes when they are done, the whole area will look like it just got plowed.

Hog Wallows

Another recognizable sign of wild hogs’ presence is wallows. Wallows are typically shallow, muddy depressions. They are oval to oblong in shape. Hogs do not have sweat glands; hence, hogs will seek ways to reduce their body temperature when it’s hot. First, near water sources, the hogs will dig into water-softened soil. Then, they will wriggle their bodies back and forth, covering their entire body with mud. The mud coating not only cools their bodies but also serves as a parasite deterrent for them.


Once the wild hogs have cooled off in the wallows, their following action is to “shake off” all the mud stuck to them. To do this, they rub their bodies against hard surfaces such as trees, utility poles, rocks, etc. As a result, you’ll see patches of dried mud typically between 5 and 40 inches above the ground. The patches can encircle the structure. In addition, if a particular tree is used frequently, all the bark may be rubbed off.


Many references have pictures of hog scat to help you distinguish it from other animals’ (It looks similar to dog feces). Wild hogs will leave dropping trails along the paths they journey through the most. You’ll also find scat around their feeding areas.

Gum Log Plantation

Our hunting guides are full of hog hunting tips and are experts in tracking them down. If you want to participate in a successful hunt, contact Gum Log Plantation at 229-318-9015 and book a trip today.

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