The Best Shipping Container Accessories

The Guide to The Best Accessories for Your Custom shipping container

container customization raleighDo you own a shipping container? Are you looking to accessorize and customize it more to fit your needs? Simple modifications and accessories can help make it far more useful for you. This guide will help you figure out what’s best for you and your container. Some of them can be included during manufacturing, while others can be included after manufacture and delivery.

Six Accessories to Aid in Securing Your Shipping Container

  1. Fortified lockbox: If you have a lockbox, then you should consider adding an extra steel box. This will improve your security by shielding the lock from bolt cutters and tampering.
  2. Lifting jacks: Create ground clearance by placing the corners of the container on some blocks. Blocking includes railroad ties or cinder blocks. This will help you lift the container when you need to. Take note that a custom shipping container lifting jack is different from a hi-lift jack. A hi-lift jack is made for different use and thus cannot handle the weight of a shipping container. You are bound to cause an accident if you use it.
  3. Chassis: Are you planning to relocate? Purchasing a chassis may be a good option for you. It is a special crane or forklift that is capable of lifting a custom conex box. If you plan to move with any frequency, it’s worth getting one of your own. It can handle the weight of the contents of the shipping container and the shipping container itself.
  4. Twist locks: Ground plates have twist-locks that help to secure the shipping container to the foundation in a faster way. You will just have to bolt the plates to the concrete and lower the container for the castings to line with the twist locks. Secure the container by pulling the lever on the twist locks. These locks can help secure the containers that are stacked up. These work for containers that are perfectly stacked in ports or on ships. They can also work for multi-story container buildings.
  5. Bridge fittings: This is in reference to fittings that are for multi-unit container structures. Please note that seismic and winds events can damage containers by simply rocking them. If you want to protect the shipping containers from this type of damage, make sure you stack the multi-unit container-based structures with bridge-fittings. This will hold them in place and prevent them from toppling over and damaging. The extra structural security is important because it helps the additional containers get stacked on multi-wide structures. If a person wants to make the multi-wide structures a building, then the bridge-fittings will be secure and snug.
  6. Built-in shelves: If you will be storing items in the container, make sure you organize the container with shelves. You can secure the shelves during relocation to prevent time wastage and make sure you are ready to use the container once you reach your location.

Regardless of what exactly you do, any modification you make are going to make your life easier. It’ll be well worth it down the road when you think about all the time and energy you’ve been able to save thanks to one or two simple things.

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