Shipping Container Office Tips & Tricks

Tips to Ensure You Have the Best and Most Comfortable Shipping Container Office

More and more people are converting shipping containers into business or offices. Shipping containers portray a very modern and structural aesthetic and this is part of what makes them so attractive particularly to younger market demographics. It is also cheaper and easier to set up a mobile office using a shipping container in comparison to building one from scratch as long as you have sufficient land space. Here are several tips to help you set up your shipping container mobile office.

Buy a Quality Container

Most buyers find it difficult to choose if they want to buy used or new shipping containers considering new containers are stronger but older ones are cheaper. If this is you, then you should look into one-trip shipping containers for your mobile office. These containers have been used once only assuring you they are still in proper condition and are not too expensive. A good middle ground of both.

When buying a shipping container for a home office, look for those made from Corten steel. This material is very good for shipping container offices because it is tailor-made to resist harsh environments and corrosion. When you have a shipping container office made from Corten Steel, you are guaranteed that your office can handle harsh weather conditions. This will help you save on any possible costs of repair in the future. Pretty much all containers are going to be Corten steel, but it can’t hurt to ensure.

Think About HVAC & Add-ons

Most reputable vendors typically provide their clients with customization options for their shipping container offices so that you can fit it to YOUR needs. The most popular are the windows, HVAC systems, general comfort. Conex shipping containers are still metallic all through, they can get warm when it’s hot outside. A window air conditioner is usually sufficient for an HVAC system but if you want to connect multiple shipping containers, you are better off with centralized air conditioning. Even toilets are an option.

It is important to have sufficient lighting in your mobile office as you would any other office space. When modifying your shipping container, think about installing a few large windows to let in enough natural light in the day. This will offer added visibility in your shipping container office and the natural light makes space look much bigger and more cheerful. This can help you increase productivity and morale.

Add More Storage Space

Storage space is usually an issue in shipping containers especially if you have to keep many documents nearby at all times. You can solve this by installing a few overhead cabinets or shelves to maximize on floor space as opposed to filing cabinets. This option allows you to have more space for the things you really need. If you need a mobile office, you need to come to Carolina Containers so we can get you taken care of.

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