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Best Accessories For Your Container

Storage container modifications and customizationsIn the world today, storage containers have become some of the most popular and convenient storage solutions for homes, worksites and businesses. The standard container is great; however, investing in accessories that compliment your shipping container could be the next big thing for you. Depending on the nature of your project and need for that extra on-site storage, Carolina Container modifies shipping container to your specifications. We can truly take a metal box and turn it into something that’s perfect for what you need.

If you want to have windows, roll up doors, vents, office doors, insulation, air conditioning, heating, electrical and drywall among other modifications, container customization is the thing for you. Now as great as these containers are, modifying them can take their usefullness to the next level for you. Carolina Containers is more than glad to work with you to get all of the customizations you need done, we know just how great these containers can be.

Why You Need A Storage Container

If you work in construction and you need storage for various things on your jobsite, a shipping container is a great solution. These things are quite large, they can hold not only a lot of stuff but can support a massive amount of weight. A container is going to keep even the most valuable materials secure and completely out of the hands of those you don’t want and the weather. Once you close your container up, it’s going to stay sealed tight.

Due to the fact that shipping containers are highly customizable, they’re a fantastic platform for a building or store-front even. What really sets them apart is the portability, these containers are relatively simple to move. So you can move around from locaiton from time to time, saving yourself a ton of time and money compared to having to rent out new spaces and move all of your stuff there.

Are You Looking For A Portable Office?

Having a mobile construction office is a huge step towards greater effiency and production for any construction company. It gives you a space where you can have meetings, you can lay out plans and work out details as work as beggining, you can have workers take breaks in there, the amount of possible uses is nearly endless.

These mobile offices can so easily be laoded up and moved over to the next jobsite as needed. And if you find yourself last minute needing space to store supplies, you can just throw them in there! It’s still a shipping container at the end of the day so it’s going to hold all of your stuff and keep it secure at the end of the day.

Why Carolina Containers?

If you are looking to buy a shipping container for your own use, or you already have a shipping container and you’re looking to get it customized and make it your own, we’re your people. May be you want shelves, windows, lock boxes and extra security features added in, and we can do that no problem. Container customizations are how you make it YOUR container, you can customize every detail exactly how you want and need it. From shelving for storage to putting in work benches and saws, it’ll all fit perfectly. We can take you from basic to top of the line.

General skepticism when it comes to shipping containers is understandable, it is something new to a lot of people. But once you’ve been around one and been able to use it, you’ll start to see just how fantastic it is. Please don’t hesitate to look around out website and read all the info we have and we’d love to have you conatct us with any other questions or concerns you may have!

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